ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility

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ISO 26000
was developed by 450 experts from 99 countries and 40 international organisations during 5 years. ln 2010, after close to 25 000 written comments had been resolved, the standard was published in consensus. The standard offers more than 400 recommendations to any company or organization that wants to improve their contribution to sustainable environmental, social, and economic development.

How is the standard being used?

More than 80 countries have adopted ISO 26000 as a national standard and made it available to the national market. 20 more countries are in progress. What are some of the supporting initiatives? How does it relate to other standards? is an attempt to compile ISO 26000 related information and the website is free to use without any restrictions. It is, however, up to the reader to verify the information before making references. All readers are invited to contribute with information and improvements.