Several books have been written about ISO 26000 and some of them are presented here:

ISO 26000 in Practice – A user guide

Michelle Bernhart, USA, Trueblue Communications,

ISO 26000

Kenichi Kumagai, Japanese Trade Union Confederation RENGO,

Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung nach DIN ISO 26000

Annette Kleinfeld, Germany, Dr. Kleinfeld CEC GmbHm

A six sigma approach to sustainability

Holly A. Duckworth, Andrea Hoffmeier,

Sustainable Profit for SMEs

Hans Kröder, Jaap de Vries, The Netherlands

The implementation of SR, Best practices and tools with ISO 26000

Hans Kröder, The Netherlands, and

Understanding Social Responsibility

ISBN 9780580740176

Implementing ISO 26000 in Bangladesh

ISBN 9789843373229

Vårt Gemensamma ansvar

ISBN: 9789171627902, co-author Staffan Söderberg,

ISO 26000 – A Standardized View on Corporate Social Responsibility

ISBN 978-3-319-92651-3, Editors: Samuel O Idowu, Catalina Sitnikov, Lars Moratis