IWA on ISO 26000 and ISO MSS

Sweden has, as ISO member, proposed a new work item in ISO: that an IWA, international workshop agreement, is to be developed to show how users of ISO management system standards (e.g. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) can use ISO 26000 although this is not a management system standard. The work item was recently accepted by ISO TMB and the work is ongoing. Please join us! For more information: project website

Project developments:

First workshop will be in March 9-10 in Stockholm and the second one will be May 2-3 in London.

December 2016 -January 2017: comments received are acted upon and a first draft is sent out for broader consultation.

November 21: Preparatory meeting with approximately 20 people from 15 countries. Ad hoc groups were set up to develop the clauses and texts.

October 28 2016: two open international webinars for different time-zones. Approximately 25 people participated from relevant stakeholder groups, e.g. ISO 26000/CSR/Sustainability experts  certification agencies, NSBs, academia, industry.

October 17 2016: Notice of meeting/Draft agenda circulated for the IWA Preparatory meeting November 21.

October 17 2016: Notice of meeting/Draft agenda circulated for IWA Workshop 9-10 March 2017.

September 2016: ISO TMB gives green light for Sweden to go ahead.

July 2016: the Swedish suggested work item is circulated to all ISOmembers.