PPO Work Program

The PPO Work Program contains several work items and some of which are listed here. Almost all PPO documents, e.g. notes from meetings with advisory bodies SAG and NIN, are available at the PPO livelink website.

Helpdesk ISO 26000 Post Publication Organization (PPO):

Contact:  PPO Secretary (tina.bohlin(at)sis.se)

PPO responds to questions from users of the ISO 26000, from NSBs, and other stakeholders. Many questions reach the helpdesk through the ISO 26000 page at ISO website.

Annual survey:

Contact: PPO co-secretary (edu.thiago(at)abnt.org.br)

Since publication of ISO 26000, the PPO has conducted an annual survey via ISO Central Secretariat to the 160+ ISO member countries, represented by the National Standards Bodies (NSBs).

Ad Hoc groups:

Contact: PPO vice chair (staffan.soderberg(at)amap.se)

1. Basic training material: a set of slides and a PPO-protocol on training has been developed by an ad hoc group with members from PPO SAG: Carolyn Schmidt, Adriana Rosenfeld, Divya Kirti Gupta, Ken-Ichi Kumagai, and Staffan Söderberg (PPO)

2. Linkages to International documents: prepares/contributes to documents that help practitioners use ISO 26000 in parallel with other similar international documents (e.g OECD MNE, UN GC, GRI, SDGs). More information in the section about ISO 26000.

Systematic review:

Contact: PPO Chair (cajazeira(at)suzano.com.br).  A questionnaire is sent out from ISO to the members to find out is the standard is confirmed, should be withdrawn, or needs to be amended. In support, PPO prepares and analyzes information prior, during and after the systematic review that ISO CS manages. It is then ISO TMB that decides what the final result of the systematic review is. The first systematic review was performed 2013/14 and resulted in a confirmation: the standard was decided to remain unchanged. The second systematic review is ongoing.


Members of the PPO Secretariat as well as members of the stakeholder advisory group (SAG) and the NSB information network (NIN) are often invited to speak at conferences. Sometimes PPO Secretariat engages in arranging conferences, such as the one in Geneva and the one in Stockholm.