ISO Central Secretariat in Geneva manages the ISO brand and the ISO Directives on behalf of the national member bodies. Each country can only have one ISO member and all standardization work is governed through the ISO Directives that the National Standards Bodies (NSBs) agree on through ISO Technical Management Board, one of the governing bodies of ISO.

ISO standards and other ISO deliverables are normally developed in Technical Committees or sub-committees (with national delegations) that have working groups (with individual experts). ISO 26000 was developed in a working group of 450+ experts directly under ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) that is in charge of standardization policies. The procedures, comments and results from the ISO 26000 working group process are available to the public. ( ISO also maintains an official landing site for ISO 26000 (

All standards/standardizations are coordinted by a Technical Program Manager (TPM) at ISO Central Secretariat. The TPM for the published ISO 26000 is currently Mr. Jose Alcorta. After having completed its work in 2010 the Working Group that developed ISO 26000 was disbanded by ISO TMB. In order to maintain momentum and market information ISO TMB asked the two NSBs that had led the Working Group to maintain the Secretariate under a new name: ISO 26000 Post Publication Organisation (PPO). This new PPO Secretariat, the Terms of Reference, was formed by SIS and ABNT by appointing chair Mr. Jorge Cajazeira, vice chair Mr. Staffan Söderberg, secretary Ms. Tina Bohlin, and co-secretary Eduardo Campos de Sao Thiago.

The PPO has operating procedures and two important bodies available for advice and support:
the SAG – Stakeholder Advisory Group  that is similar to the former ISO 26000 Working Group Chairs Advisory Group where leaders in the development of ISO 26000 as well as stakeholder groups (that set up their own networks and representatives), are present
the NIN – NSB Information Network which consists of Chairs and Secretaries of the approximately 50 National Mirror Committees (NMCs) handling issues related to ISO 26000. It is up to local stakeholders and NSBs to set up and manage national mirror committees, strongly recommended to do so in a stakeholder balanced way.

The PPO is also closely listening to the discussions and information shared between stakeholder in the 17 000 member strong open LinkedIn group on ISO 26000.

Please contact PPO Secretariat: Ms. Tina Bohlin, secretary, if you have questions about who represents who and how, in the stakeholder advisory group. Since publication of ISO 26000, the PPO has met with its stakeholder advisory group on average three times per year, once per year face-to-face. Work items and protocols are publicly available, a brief summary of ongoing work is available on this site.

The table below contains some of the names and roles that make up the ISO 26000 Post Publication infrastructure. Country specific information is found under a separate part of this website.

PPO LeadershipMr. Jorge Cajazeira, Suzano, cajazeira(at) WG and PPO
PPO LeadershipMr. Staffan Söderberg, AMAP Sustainability, staffan.soderberg(at)amap.seVice Chair WG and PPO
PPO LeadershipMs. Tina Bohlin, SIS, tina.bohlin(at)sis.seSecretary PPO
PPO LeadershipMr. Eduardo Sao Thiago, ABNT, edu.thiago(at) WG and PPO
ISOMr. Jose Alcorta, ISO CS, alcorta(at)iso.orgISO TPM ISO 26000
PPO SAGMany, see composition. Contact details: ask PPO Secretaries
PPO NINMany see composition
HALL OF FAMEIndividuals remembered for extraordinarycontributions to the development of ISO 26000
WG SR leaderMr. Jonathon HanksFmr. TG4 convenor, amazing carrier of the integration of the final standard
WG SR leaderMr. Ken-Ichi KumagaiFmr. TG4 co-convenor with quality management skills
WG SR leaderMr. Pierre MazeauFmr. TG5 convenor with a passion for CSR
WG SR leaderMs. Charlene HewatFmr. TG5 co-convenor with true environmental insights
WG SR leaderMr. Martin NeureiterFmr. TG6 convenor that loves SR and management systems
WG SR leaderMs. Koneru Vijaya LakshmiFmr. TG6 co-convenor that brought new perspectives to the table
ISO CS, WG SR leaderMr. Beer BudooFmr. TG1 convenor, catalyzed regional balance and insights
SIS, WG SR leaderMr. Lars-Gunnar LundhFmr. TG1 co-convenor, catalyzed regional balance and legal perspectives
ISO, WG SR leaderMr. Bernardo CasadillaFmr. TG1 convenor, catalyzed regional balance and international insights
WG SR leaderMr. Hidemi TomitaFmr. TG2 convenor, brought openness and communication to the process
WG SR leaderMs. Adriana RosenfeldFmr. TG2 co-convenor, positive force for the promotion of the standard
WG SR leaderMr. Tom RotherhamFmr TG3 convenor, all for credible process governance
ISO, WG SR leaderMs. Sophie ClivioFmr. TG3 convenor, TPM ISO 26000, worked magic in explaining good standardization practices
SIS, PPO LeadershipMr. Ludvig HubendickFmr Secretary PPO with a unique eye for quality and developing countries
SIS, PPO, WG SR leaderMs. Kristina SandbergFmr. Secretary of PPO and WG SR with amazing project management skills
WG SR leadersMr. Simon Zadek, Mr. Paul Kapelus, Ms. Irit Kenan, Mr. Ernesto Bächtold, Mr. Anthony Miller, Mr. Kernaghan Webb, Ms. Adriana Alonzo, Mr. Thierry Dedieu, Mr. Michael Chiam, Mr. Daryl Neate, Mr. Yang Zeishi, Mr. Josef Wieland,Fmr. convenors and secretaries that were key to the success of the process
WG SR leadersMs. Anabela Vaz Ribeiro, Ms. Veronica Yaji, Ms. Emelie Brun, Ms. Dineo Shilenge, Mr. Adam Green, Mr. Osama Elmeligy, Mr. Christian Brodhag, Ms. Marie Löwy-Harmer, Mr. Sergey Papaev, Mr. Dante PesceFmr. convenors and secretaries that were key to the success of the process
WG SRMr. Ricky FukadaFmr. Industry expert that helped setting the standard more free
WG SRMr. Guido GuertlerFmr. Industry expert that highlighted the important SME perspective
WG SRMr. Clifford HenryFmr. Industry expert that was able to solve the most difficult personal relationsships
WG SRMs. Deni GreeneFmr. Consumer expert that smiled and worked harder than most
ISOMr. Kevin McKinleyFmr. Deputy Secr General that promoted the project throughout
ISOMs. Ziva PatirFmr. ISO VP that catalyzed the new work item ISO 26000
ISOMr. Alan BrydenFmr. Secr General that supported the ISO 26000 process
ISOMr. Rob SteeleFmr. Secr General that supported the ISO 26000 process
ISOMr. Mike SmithFmr. TMB Secretary that helped the process a lot
ISO TMB, WG SR, ANSIMr. Steven CornishCatalyzed WG SR leadership through advice and important kick-off training
ISO TMB, WG SR, BSIMs. Amanda RichardsonCatalyzed WG SR leadership through advice and hands-on help

Photo: The Chairs’ Advisory Group during evening meeting at the Sydney Plenary