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PPO meeting SAG to get stakeholder advice

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Today:  PPO meeting SAG (stakeholder advisory group) to discuss the PPO action plan, the coming systematic review, the draft linkage document ISO26000/OECD MNE guidelines, ISO26000/SDGs, ISO26000/UNGPBHR, the annual survey, the basic training material and much more. Protocol will be uploaded at PPO site soon. Preliminary notes: we launch systematic review earlier Q4, we revise the annual PPO survey and launch asap after consultation with SAG, we publish what we have regarding ISO26000/OECD linkage, we help ISO develop their ISO26000/SDG document.

ISO 26000 for free!

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100 physical copies of ISO 26000 in English have been purchased and are now available for distribution to key individuals. Please contact admin(at)iso26000.info if you have suggestions of such key individuals. ISO 26000 is, as all ISO standards, copyright protected and the agreement with the National Standards Body that issued the 100 copies, states that the copies can only be sent (by post and by AMAP) to individuals as part if ISO 26000 training conducted by AMAP Sustainability.
Therefore, in order to receive a free copy, the person must
# have participated in one of the free ISO 26000 webinar or tele-conference trainings, approximately 1 hour.
# agree to receive a personal copy that shall not be further copied or duplicated

Priority will be given to underfunded regions and organisations.

UN Guiding Principles linkage document

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An ad hoc group “UN Guiding Principles” with members from PPO and the PPO Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) will start working on a linkage document between ISO 26000 and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Members of the group so far: Staffan Söderberg, Dante Pesce, and a few more.

PPO leadership meeting Feb 26

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ISO 26000 PPO leadership meeting four persons, webex 2 pm-3pm, quick notes:

Jorge will update the annual plan. It will be sent out in the beginning of next week. Eduardo will remind the stakeholder groups that they need to reconfirm their membership. We need to prepare for the systematic review Q1 2017 with technical justifications. Consult SAG (stakeholder advisory group), then  send out together with or before the PPO survey. Ludvig and Eduardo will work on the first draft document. OECD linkage document can be published as a PPO protocol. Staffan sends a draft to ppo after ad hoc group (Hans) is finished and then consult ppo sag. Basic training material: ad hoc group finished, Staffan puts in ppo-format and adds ppo-context and credits. Ppo will publish one document. Then others could develop other documents. Ludvig and Eduardo will look at Livelink and iso.org/sr to see what needs to be updated. PPO will arrange a meeting with the PPO NIN (National Standards Bodies Information Network) prior to the SAG meeting.