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ISO 26000

SDG Summit Indonesia

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ISO 26000 will be one of the topics at the Indonesian SDGs Corporate Summit 6-7 September 2022. The summit is arranged by Corporate Forum for CSR Development, among others, and focuses on further developing the roadmap for the SDGs Corporate… Read More »SDG Summit Indonesia


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Recently, ISO Technical Management Board formed a new “Strategic Advisory Group on Environmental, Social and Governance eco-sphere” (SAG-ESG) focusing on disclosure frameworks for ESG reporting. ISO 26000 gives several recommendations related to communication and reporting (e.g. cl. 7.5.3). The approach… Read More »ISO SAG on ESG

88 countries!

Based on the latest systematic review 2020/21 there seems to have been some developments in the number of countries that have adopted ISO 26000. Some of the countries that report having adopted ISO 26000 or progressed the adoption are Vietnam,… Read More »88 countries!


Systematic review 2020/21

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For the third time since publication 2010 the ISO members (160+ country members) have been asked whether their stakeholders want to i) Confirm (i.e. keep as is) ii) Revise/amend iii) Withdraw the standard ISO 26000. This “systematic review” is done… Read More »Systematic review 2020/21