In September 2018 a group of ISO 26000 stakeholders decided to build on the momentum that had been created by the disbanded ISO 26000 Post Publication Organization.

The new ISO 26000 Support Network (SN) will have its first constitutional meeting October 28th in Bali, the day before the International Open Forum on ISO 26000 takes place at the same venue ( This first meeting of The ISO 26000 Support Network is open to all ISO 26000 stakeholders provided that you register with the vice chair of the meeting (see below) before October 15.

The meeting will discuss, among other things, the following to set up a governance structure for the ISO 26000 Support Network:

  • Terms of reference
  • Governance, leadership and organization
  • Prioritized work items

The following individuals, at least, will participate in this first meeting :

Martin Neureiter, Chair of the meeting (martin.neureiter(at)

Carolyn Schmidt, Vice Chair of the meeting (cschmidt(at)

Noerman Suharman (Host)

Hans Kröder

Ornella Cilona

Annette Kleinfeld

Divya Kirti Gupta

Kenichi Kumagai

Khawla Al-Muhannadi

Gefei Yin

One important item on the agenda is how to to set up an Information Network open for all stakeholders, on an individual basis, to join and share the latest information related to ISO 26000.

The ISO 26000 Support Network is an independent initiative and will not be a formal body (e.g. working group, committee) in the ISO-system through ISO or the National Standards Bodies. The ISO 26000 SN will be hosted here at but managed by a separate organization.