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ISO 26000 SGN meeting July 2022

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Today the ISO 26000 Stakeholder Global Network met and discussed ongoing work related to ISO 26000 from around the world. Agenda below. The network is open to anyone so please join SGN.

  1. Opening of the meeting, Chair
  2. Attendance (done by Secretary from Participants list)
  3. Approval of Minutes from last meeting, May 2022 (Attached)
     any matters arising from the minutes
  4. SGN membership and balance report from Secretary
  5. SGN Governance Issues (refer to Bylaws, attached, for the structure)
    A) Upcoming leadership transition – October 2022
    Opening of Nominations for the five Officer positions (terms are two years, limit of two consecutive terms)
    1) Slate of candidates proposed by the current officers:
    2) Other nominations: Any member can nominate any other member, including themselves, for any officer position. Nominations will be open through the SGN October meeting.
    3) Procedure for secure online voting if any positions are contested at the October meeting
    4) Advisory council – 5 founding officers to be available as requested, if needed
    B) Stakeholder Council – its role in SGN governance
    C) Any other governance issues
  6. Upcoming conference opportunities
     Indonesian SDGs Corporate Summit July 27-28 (see attachment, including Terms of Reference)
     Other announcements and reports
  7. SGN Workplan 2022-2023
    A) progress on the components
    1. Peer Learning Workshops Completed
       March 2022 (Industry SG) “ISO 26000: Companies’ experiences over the last 10 years”
       April 2022 (Academic/Research/Service SG) – “ISO 26000 applied in Healthcare: ‘Cure and Care’ “ – material is posted on SGN NGO website
    2. Peer Learning Workshops Upcoming
       September 2022 (Consumer SG) – “Implementation of ISO 26000 in China
      and Nigeria – contrasting approaches”
       Others
    3. Online Global Conference
      Report from planning committee
    4. Collecting use experiences of ISO 26000 application
      Report from committee
    5. ISO 26000 Q and A – for posting on website
      Report from committee
    6. SGN NGO website:
      Information hub – posting of Zoom presentations – workshops and others
      Update from web committee
    7. Evaluation of workplan implementation so far – comments, suggestions
  8. Legitimate vs. illegitimate sources of information and certification on SR/CSR
  9. Break-out group meeting time (15 minutes) – if desired
    Stakeholder Groups can meet in simultaneous “break-out sessions” to discuss their
    contributions to the action plan, and any other issues relevant to them
  10. Next meeting date and times
     October – Wednesday 26 October 2002 12 noon CET
  11. Close SGN meeting
    Stakeholder Council meeting opportunity (optional)

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