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Meeting: PPO secretariate with NIN

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Today we had a meeting with NIN, the NSB (ISO 26000) information network. Ireland, France, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa were active and shared experiences.

Canada has adopted ISO26000 and is planning promotional activities. France is developing national standards supporting ISO26000 and also a sectorial exchange related to for example wine, aviation, food. In Sweden a selfdeclaration tool is picking up speed. In South Africa focus is more on integrated reporting and governance at the moment.

Ireland has promotional activities especially through BITC. Brazil is going through challenging times but ISO 26000 is still used.

Swedish NSB SIS and Ludvig Hubendick (PPO secr) presented ideas around how to help organizations using ISO management systems, eg 9001 Quality management system, to better understand and make use of ISO26000.

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