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Update April 6: ISO will develop their own ISO 26000/SDG brochure and Staffan will contribute to this and also get input from others. In the end it will be a ISO CS document and not a PPO document which is great for the dissemination. PPO can then produce a more detailed linkage table.

March 18: Notes from ISO 26000 Post Publication Organisation (PPO) meeting in Stockholm October 2015, and meetings between Staffan/Adriana/Cristina: Staffan leads the ad hoc group that develops the new linkage document between the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and ISO 26000. Members in the group are from ppo sag so far: Staffan, Hans, Dwight, Adriana, Cristina and a few more. If the composition of the group is stakeholder balanced, willing and able we can make quick progress. Otherwise we need suggestions of other persons that could join the group. Adriana and Cristina has already done some work in Spanish on SDGs.

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