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IWA 26: using ISO 26000 with management systems

More than 20 countries sent experts to the ISO-process that developed IWA 26 Using ISO 26000 guidance on social responsibility in management systems. An International Workshop Agreement (IWA) is produced quicker (approx. 6-12 months) compared to an International ISO Standard (approx. 3 years) and the document lives for a maximum of 6 years. The aim of an IWA is to rapidly meet a market need, to build a temporary bridge. A summary of the development, scope and aim of IWA 26 can be found in the IWA 26 Communication Plan that was distributed to those participating in the project.

ISO member SIS (Sweden) took the initiative to produce IWA 26 in order to help those many users of ISO 26000 that have asked how ISO 26000 best can be used with ISO management system standards. More information is available in the press release from ISO.

Introduction, scope, definitions are available through the ISO Online Browsing Platform.

The IWA 26 document is available through ISO members (national standards bodies) and through ISO.

IWA 26

Below is an example of a linkage table from IWA 26,

IWA 26: using ISO 26000 with management systems