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ISO decision on “TC SR”

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The Technical Management Board (TMB) of ISO has analyzed the result of the ballot on the proposal from France to set up an international ISO technical committee (TC) on Social Responsbility (SR). Their conclusion is that a temporary TMB Task Force is needed to analyze further and report its findings in June 2021.

ISO members voted in favor of launching a new TC SR, but many techncal questions accompanied the submitted ballots. In addition, a systematic review was already scheduled for ISO 26000 during 2020 and ISO TMB seems to prefer to follow the already agreed plan first before embarking on a new plan.

The ISO TMB task force will consist of existing individuals in TMB, from NSBs (country members) that are currently in TMB: USA, France, Russia, India, UK, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, and Sweden as group leader.

ISO decision on

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