88 countries!

Based on the latest systematic review 2020/21 there seems to have been some developments in the number of countries that have adopted ISO 26000. Some of the countries that report having adopted ISO 26000 or progressed the adoption are Vietnam,… Read More »88 countries!


Systematic review 2020/21

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For the third time since publication 2010 the ISO members (160+ country members) have been asked whether their stakeholders want to i) Confirm (i.e. keep as is) ii) Revise/amend iii) Withdraw the standard ISO 26000. This “systematic review” is done… Read More »Systematic review 2020/21

ISO 26000 and the food chain

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An application of ISO 26000 for the food chain was published as a technical specification in December 2019. https://www.iso.org/standard/71624.html

ISO Guide 82 updated

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In 2014 ISO published a guide to help all standardizers address sustainability issues in the standard writing process. The Guide has now been updated with texts related to the UN Agenda 2030 and much more. Hava look at ISO Guide… Read More »ISO Guide 82 updated

ISO 26000 and NBR 16001

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The NSB in Brazil has developed its own national certifiable standard based on ISO 26000. It is called ABNT NBR 16001 and there is a great brochure that explains how the international standard relates to the national standard.